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Lorain Police Department gets 20 new police cruisers

Posted at 6:33 PM, Mar 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-15 18:33:57-04

Last year, the Lorain Police Union filed a grievance with the city saying many of their old police cars were falling apart and needed to be replaced.

Some of the patrol cars had a whopping 125,000 miles on them. Some even had to be jump started each morning. The K9 cruiser floorboard was so rusted out, it was replaced by the back of a stop sign.

Fourteen-year police veteran, Jake Morris, is relieved he no longer has to worry about his cruiser stalling on a call, thanks to brand new police vehicles.

“It’s not only our safety, but it’s the safety of the citizens, when they call we know we’re going to actually be able to get there, we’re not going to break down,” Morris said.

With help from a federal grant and city funds, the police department now has 20 new patrol vehicles, including 16 SUV’s.

Morris wants taxpayers to know it’s money well spent.

“When we ask for something, it’s not because we want something new just to look good, there’s a legitimate need for what we ask for,” Morris said.

Morris said he feels more professional and more respected driving the new police cruisers. The new cruisers are all equipped with dash cams and are painted the same colors as Lorain High School - blue and silver.

“Hopefully it’s just one of those small kind of details that make people feel like they’re in the city of Lorain, when they see a cruiser with the colors that match the school colors,” Morris said.

There’s one more bonus with the new cruisers.

“Yeah that new car smell, absolutely, it will wear off soon, but we can enjoy it while it’s here I guess,” Morris said.