Lorain police say murder victim threatened to tell killer's wife about their relationship

Posted at 4:06 PM, Aug 21, 2017

During an afternoon news conference Monday, Lorain police shed light on a possible motive into a shooting that left a 24-year-old woman dead over the weekend.

Lorain police released surveillance video Monday, showing Kristen Malinowski arguing with 55-year-old Jeff Shindler. Police believe she was telling him to leave her alone. 

But as she was yelling at him, Shindler pulled out a gun. Malinowski ran but, police say, Shindler shot and killed her. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: The video above does not show the actual shooting, but rather shows the moments leading up to the shooting. 

Flowers and a cross mark the spot where Kristen died at the Lorain apartment complex on Oberlin Avenue Saturday night.

Police discussed a possible motive for the murder at a news conference Monday. Malinowski broke off their relationship, they said. 

“There were some statements that were made, basically that she wanted to be left alone," said Lieutenant Ed Super. "She had threatened to go and speak to his wife about the relationship they were involved in."

Angel Salter was friends with Malinowski.

She said Shindler wouldn’t leave the 24-year-old alone and was stalking her.

“She was terrified and she told me she was being stalked by him, and she didn’t want him around,” Salter said.

Kristen’s aunt, Debra Malinowski, said Shindler was “obsessed” with her niece.

Schindler lived in an Amherst Township neighborhood.

When police showed up to arrest him Sunday, he shot and killed himself.

Police said he used the same gun that he used to kill Malinowski. 

"We were met at the door by Mr. Schindler's wife and Mr. Shindler then ran into the garage and committed suicide," Lt. Super said Monday.