UPDATE: Bond revoked for Roy Owens, estranged boyfriend of woman killed in Elyria

Posted at 3:42 PM, Jul 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 10:08:48-04

The Elyria woman who police believed was being held against her will by an estranged boyfriend is now believed to be dead. 

Police sources tell News 5 a body was found in the trunk of a car Wednesday that is believed to be that of 56-year-old Linnea Satterfield.

Authorities announced Monday that they were looking for the woman after her sister reported her missing. 

Blood was found in a home that she previously shared with her longtime boyfriend 56-year-old Roy Owens Jr.

On Friday morning, Owens appeared in the Elyria Municipal Court via a video arraignment. He was seen on screen in a protective suit that restricts body movements to prevent him from harming himself or others. 

The judge waived bond on all three charges, citing Owens as a flight risk. A plea was not accepted at the arraignment, which was sent on to a preliminary hearing. 

Owens will receive court-appointed council upon his request. 

Around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, the Darke County Sheriff's Office got a call about an impaired driver who crashed his car into a ditch in Greenville, Ohio. 

"He's literally driving in the ditch," the 911 caller said. "He just hit a telephone pole."

The caller then continues to get more frantic as she witnesses the person driving erratically. 

"The telephone pole is down! He's in his freaking underwear!"

The caller said that the man, later identified as Owens, was hiding in the trees.

When the sheriff's office showed up, Owens got out of his car wearing only his underwear, police said. 

He put a knife to his throat but the knife was dull and he was unable to harm himself, according to authorities. He was taken into custody.

While police were searching the car, they found a body in the trunk that is believed to be Satterfield's.

Court records show that Owens has a criminal history that includes being arrested for a felony assault in Missouri, disorderly conduct case in Elyria and a domestic violence case against him that was later dropped in court.

Meanwhile, neighbors say Satterfield had just moved to a new home away from Owens a few days ago, possibly in an effort to get away from him.

“She had just said that she hoped she had gotten far enough away from her fiancee," one neighbor said. "It’s devastating to know you didn’t hear anything or see anything that might have been able to help her.”