Sheffield Lake woman calls 911: I have a boa constrictor stuck to my face

Posted at 11:14 AM, Jul 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 18:05:02-04

A Sheffield Lake woman called 911 Thursday to report that a boa constrictor was stuck to her face. 

In the 911 call, the woman sounds panicked while asking for help.

Dispatcher: 911 what is the location of your emergency?
Caller: I have a boa constrictor stuck to my…my face!
Dispatcher: Ma’am, you have a what?
Caller: Boa constrictor
Dispatcher: Boa constrictor stuck to your face?
[address omitted]
It’s a house, I’m outside with it
Dispatcher: You’re outside with a boa constrictor stuck to your face?
Caller: Yes, I just rescued it yesterday

At the end of the call, you can hear the dispatcher say "I have never heard of this before."

Her neighbor, Steve Kosman said the 45-year-old woman had many snakes. She became quite the talk of the town for wearing her snakes.

“She would have it around her neck and walk over the park behind us here,” said Kosman, “Just thought it was a little odd with her snakes.”

When the 911 dispatcher asked her exactly how many snakes she had, she told the dispatcher she had 11.

While the snake was not poisonous, neighbors said the woman was lucky to have gone to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

When News 5 asked the woman, if she plans on keeping her other snakes, she declined to comment.

According to the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram, firefighters found the woman lying in the driveway of her home with the snake wrapped around her neck and biting her. A firefighter used a pocketknife to cut off the snake's head.

The woman was taken to a hospital for apparent non-life threatening injuries.

The woman had 11 snakes, including nine ball pythons and the boa constrictors.