Wine bar proposed for downtown Lorain

Posted at 5:31 PM, Dec 08, 2015

A scenic lakefront, busy marina and historic lighthouse draw visitors in the summer.

But just blocks away, a downtown Lorain is trying to attract new business to replace closed storefronts.

Now, it's hoped that a couple of new proposals could breathe new life into this area.

One plan is to open a wine bar on Broadway in the now closed Driscoll Music Store.

"Any business downtown is a good idea because businesses feed off each other," said Duane Barlow, owner of Hats Off Barbershop.

Barlow hopes the wine bar plan becomes a reality.

"It would be great to get people to come to one area of the city spending money in the city will circulate the money, and you know who wants to go all the way out all of the time," Barlow said.

City leaders are also looking at a proposal to add a refreshment district downtown that would allow alcohol to be sold on outdoor patios,

Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer said another developer wants to open a brewery and a restaurant downtown.

Ritenauer said the state allowing outdoor liquor sales is very attractive to potential developers. He added that another developer has been looking at some lakefront property.


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