Overwhelming show of support for victims of fire

Posted at 6:41 PM, Mar 08, 2016

There are piles of clothes, boxes packed full of food, dozens of bottles of water, toiletries and a mountain of household items. 

Some families lost everything in a deadly fire at the Hickory Hill Apartment Complex in Brunswick.

When news of the fire spread through the community many started coming to St. Ambrose Catholic Church armed with donations in the early morning hours of Tuesday.

"People getting in their cars because they wanted to do something," said Fr. Bob Stec of St. Ambrose Parish. 

Those left homeless need everything and because of the kindness of strangers the victims of the fire were given all they need at least for now.  

"The next 48 to 72 hours our community outreach will figure out exactly what they need and find the resources to help them," added Stec. 

"I couldn't imagine this," said Bradley Dietrich, looking at all the donated items in the church hall. "It's amazing, it really is," he added. 

At first, basic supplies were needed to help the victims of the fire. Now, cash and gift cards are needed to help the victims. 

Donations can be made at St. Ambrose Church on Pearl Road in Brunswick.