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Aurora police investigating rash of break-ins, thefts from cars

Posted at 5:51 PM, Nov 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-03 22:31:31-04

For the second time in two months, Aurora police are investigating a rash of thefts from cars.

Early Thursday morning, cars parked at eight different homes in the Chatham Estates neighborhood were entered. Police said the cars were unlocked and money, wallets and purses were among the items stolen.

Kara Gannon, who lives on Chatham Drive, said her Jeep was rummaged through and about $10 in change was stolen.

"It just gives you a sick feeling like this is my house, my driveway. For someone to be there and me not know about it was a little eerie," Gannon said.

Bob Conway, who lives on the same street, said he also had change taken, along with a cell phone charger.

"It's unnerving. You think you're in a fairly safe area and your car should be safe," Conway said.

A neighborhood camera captured pictures of a suspicious vehicle, a two-door Honda Civic. Photos of the car have been posted on the Aurora Police Facebook page.

In September, police investigated multiple reports of car break-ins at Sunny Lake Park. In many of those cases, windows were shattered and purses, wallets, keys and gift cards were stolen.

Police released a picture of a woman who is considered a person of interest. Police said she used a stolen card at an ATM. The woman has the words "Stay Beautiful" tattooed on her left arm.

Aurora Police Chief Brian Byard said it's not clear how many of the crimes are connected, but he feels the break-ins were likely committed by drugs users looking to get their next fix.