Water restored at Camelot Village in Streestboro after residents spend two hot days without H2O

Posted at 12:49 PM, Jul 13, 2016

Water has been restored for approximately 3,000 Streetsboro residents 24 hours after a mater main break cut off service.

Officials said a crew was working to fix a leaking fire hydrant in the Camelot Village mobile home park around 2 p.m. when a water main break burst.

Residents of the park lost water immediately. Water pressure was fully restored around 2:30 p.m on Wednesday.

Kathy White, the manager of the park that contains about 560 homes, said two giant water tanks were brought in so residents could fill up jugs of water while service was being restored. They park also brought in three pallets of bottled water.

Firefighters also passed out fresh water with a focus on assisting the elderly and families with children.

 Residents are now being asked to boil water for 48 hours while the City of Streetsboro tests for bacteria.