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EPA lifts water advisory for Portage County village

Posted at 3:15 PM, Oct 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-18 15:15:41-04

A water advisory issued for the Village of Windham in Portage County has been lifted, according to the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday.

The advisory was originally issued after the EPA found higher than normal amounts of manganese in the water. While manganese is considered an essential nutrient for humans, high amounts of it can cause neurological problems.

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According to the village administrator, a build-up inside a pipe at the water treatment plant caused that pipe to clog. The build-up prevented choline from entering the system. Officials said the chlorine neutralizes manganese. When the chlorine couldn't treat the water, officials said manganese levels rose.

Officials said in some instances, residents may still see discolored water. Anyone experiencing this should run water for five minutes to flush their lines.

The village plans to flush fire hydrants and other locations in the coming days.