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Boys canoe down flooded street to take grandpa to work in Canal Fulton

Posted at 8:37 AM, Jun 20, 2019

CANAL FULTON, Ohio — Rain and flooded streets couldn’t stop two Canal Fulton boys from picking up their grandpa.

Jim Schuckert has lived on Millhaven for 44 years and said he hasn’t seen the water this high since the 1970s.

Earlier in the week, Schuckert drove through the water, but after seeing two other vehicles require towing, he didn’t want to risk it. Shuckert said it wasn’t worth attempting to drive. He has reasons to stay safe. "I've got my little bride at home. After 54 years she still needs me," Shuckert said.

That’s when Shuckert’s grandsons Dakota and Josh stepped in. The two boys pulled out their canoe and headed to their grandparents' house to help their grandpa get to work.

The high waters have left many residents of Canal Fulton feeling stranded, but Dakota and Josh were determined to get their grandpa to work while still staying safe.

“They know who to take care of,” Shuckert said.

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