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'Artist Sunday' encourages residents to support local artists and shop their work in Akron

Some of Northeast Ohio’s finest artwork entered the spotlight today and was on full display in Akron.
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Posted at 12:28 PM, Nov 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-28 07:09:15-05

AKRON, Ohio — We've all heard of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and even Cyber Monday.

However, "Artist Sunday" is now gaining national attention.

Artist Sunday is a nationwide effort encouraging you to shop local and support local artwork and artists ahead of the holidays.

Some of Northeast Ohio’s finest artwork entered the spotlight today and was on full display in Akron.

“Artist Sunday is an opportunity for people to get to know me as an artist," said Robert Greer, ZaBre Inspire Chief Executive Officer.

Akron native Robert Greer pours his heart and soul into his artwork and music.

“ZaBre Inspire” is his passion project. It's where he showcases his graphic design and digital photography.

He jumped at the chance to display his hyper-local pieces on Artist Sunday.

“You shop at stores. We’re not commercial here. We’re local so all of us artists--we get a chance to show you what we’re all about," said Greer.

Paintings, sketches and sculptures took over the Summit Art Space in downtown Akron.

Local organizations and area artists worked as one to encourage folks to support local industry.

“It’s a great way to like sort of check two boxes, like support your local artists and find like amazing gifts for your family and friends," said Lizzi Aronhalt, an Akron Artist.

Lizzi Aronhalt shares immense pride in the Rubber City.

The Akron native's paintings inside of her studio at Summit Art Space are a true reflection of her roots.

“The work is typically cities and city scales and buildings. It’s inspired by places I’ve lived," said Aronhalt.

Organizers say buying pieces from local artists—spurs the economy and raises awareness of their incredible talents.

It’s critical because during the peak pandemic most art shows were canceled or put entirely online.

Artist Sunday is now being called a pinnacle comeback moment and a tradition that will continue for years to come.

“You simply can’t buy a unique handmade gift like this at just any store. You have to come to Summit Art Space. The talent here is phenomenal," said Heather Meeker, Executive Director of Summit Art Space.

Shoppers are encouraged to post their purchases on social media and use the hashtags #ShopArt and #ArtistSunday.

Parking and admission at the Summit Art Space are free to the public.

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