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Mother starts non-profit to help grieving families after her daughter dies from overdose

Posted at 10:06 PM, Dec 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 06:57:51-05

Brenda Cameron Ryan has spent the last 18 months recovering from her daughter's death. 

Sheena Marie Moore overdosed in June of 2016. She died at just 31 years old.

"It’s affected my marriage, its affected my faith,” said Brenda Cameron Ryan. "It’s going to take an army to fight this war on drugs."

Ryan founded Keys to Serenity, a non-profit organization geared toward helping grieving families both financially and emotionally.

"I think it is my calling. I was kind of recruited into this by the death of my daughter,” said Brenda. "I try to be strong for the parents who don't have the strength that I have. In Summit County alone, there’s close to 700 children in the system right now."

Ryan believes those numbers are her cue to do something. In the spring, she will launch a new program: Keys to a New Habit. The plan is to walk mothers who are recovering addicts through the steps to becoming productive and regain custody of their children.

The number to call Keys to Serenity is 1-855-246-LIVE (5483).