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New resident pass gives neighbors near Blossom easier access to their homes

Posted: 6:13 PM, Aug 27, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-27 22:13:17Z

Cuyahoga Falls residents that live near Blossom Music Center have been given a saving grace when it comes to concert traffic.

Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Walters said the city has made laminated, reflective placards to allow residents reasonable access to their homes. Many nearby roads and cross streets can have limited or no access during concerts, but these passes should help residents get through security and traffic. The Summit County Sheriff's Department is in charge of directing traffic, and the mayor said the department is on board.

Residents can get their placards from the mayor's office or the Neighborhood Excellence, Communication and Community Outreach Department. The Blossom concert season is winding down, but residents can get their placards now and be ready for next year.