Man falsely accused of shooting Newcomerstown officer plans to sue

Posted at 10:43 PM, Apr 19, 2017

The man a Newcomerstown officer lied about shooting him says he plans to sue for being falsely accused. 

An officer down, “I’ve been shot” a recording of police radio traffic reveals the moment former Newcomerstown Officer Brian Eubanks reported the alleged shooting.

Eubanks claimed to have been ambushed by two men.

“Two white males, the passenger is armed,” Eubanks said. “I believe the passenger is going to be Chaz Gillilan, he’s the one that shot me."

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Then Officer Eubanks goes on to describe what he claimed Gillilan was wearing a vest that closely resembles the vest Gillilan is wearing in his Facebook profile picture.

Within minutes of Eubanks' radio call,  a statewide manhunt was initiated for Gillian with his picture sent out all over. 

“I almost took it as a joke, I was in bed,” Gillilan said.

Chief Gary Holland said accusing Gillian of the shooting would just be one discrepancy in Eubanks story.

According to Holland, there was no traffic stop or two armed suspects. Eubanks fabricated the story to cover up a failed attempted suicide.

“What happens next time? This time they said I shot a cop, what happens next time when they say I’ve reached for something," Gillilan said. 

About a week after the incident, Gillilan still receives threatening messages. 

“I’ll get what I deserve in the long run, I better run,” Gillilan said of the comments.

But now it is Eubanks who may potentially be facing serious charges.

Holland says that Eubanks had no disciplinary problems in the past. He says the department does make mental health services available to their employees.

He hopes the public will not judge law enforcement by the actions of one officer.

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