Mechanic tackles felon who ran from deputy

Posted at 2:33 PM, Jan 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-15 18:37:01-05

An auto shop employee in Wooster became an unexpected hero to a Wayne County sheriff's deputy who was trying to catch a fleeing felon Thursday afternoon. 

Jeff Mullen, a former bouncer and mechanic at A & J Exhaust and Tire Center, tackled a suspect to the ground as he was running from the deputy.

Body camera video shows Mullen holding the man to the ground until the deputy arrived.

The ordeal started just before 4 p.m. when Lt. Ryan Koster attempted to serve a warrant at the Fredericksburg Road home of 26-year-old Theodore Alleman. 

Alleman was out on bond awaiting sentencing after being convicted of felony drug possession. However, Alleman violated his bond, prompting a visit from the deputy, according to Captain Doug Hunter.

Video shows Koster questioning Alleman outside, but the deputy allowed the suspect to go inside his apartment to grab his coat.

However, Alleman took advantage of the opportunity and slipped out a back window, Captain Hunter told

When the deputy caught on, he got back in his car and followed Alleman's footprints in the snow. Koster also gave chase on foot, through fields until he arrived at the auto shop.

Mullen realized the suspect was being pursued and made the snap decision to get involved.

He chased after Alleman, captured him on the side of the building and tossed him to the ground.

"I just hooked his arms, always get the upper-hand. Somebody is trying to hurt you or run away, you just get the upper-hand," Mullen said.

The deputy caught up with them and placed Alleman under arrest. He was taken to the Wayne County Jail and is now facing an additional charge of obstruction of justice. 

On Friday, Koster returned to the auto shop to personally thanks Mullen.

"I thank you very much. We need more people like you," Koster said.

Mullen quickly responded, "Well, you guys get a bad rap sometimes and you don't deserve it."