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Seasonal illnesses are here; how you can prevent them and figure out what you have

Flu sick
Posted at 6:03 PM, Oct 30, 2023

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — The season has come where we start to see more coughs, runny noses and allergies. As of now, the CDC predicts this season to be as busy as last with seasonal illnesses - and it's recommending everybody get their vaccines.

Once those temperatures drop, everyone starts worrying about getting sick.

“Respiratory illness because I have had asthma all my life and it's one of those things, I almost always get sick every flu season, every winter season,” said Dan Dettorre, a Lakewood resident.

At Discount Drug Mart out in Lakewood, pharmacist Jackson Gilbride said this time of year is always busy.

“Everything's been going up lately because of this flu season and the cough and cold,” said Gilbride.

Customers are either getting a vaccine for COVID-19, flu or RSV, or picking up a prescription, or they're just not well and seeking a remedy.

“People come in all the time asking about what kind of cough and cold symptoms they're having, and we try and help them out,” said Gilbride.

But how can you tell if you have a cold, COVID, the flu or simply allergies? Gilbride said if you have allergies, it'll be itchy eyes and a runny nose. If you have a cold, still a runny nose, but a sore throat as well. Then, if your symptoms are more severe, it could be either COVID or the flu.

“The flu is the one that we're really concerned about along with COVID. That one you get along with the milder symptoms, the runny nose, things like that. You can get cough, chills, you can get fevers, muscle aches, body aches, cramps, anything like that. That's when you want to be really worried,” said Gilbride.

Though getting sick almost comes with the season, Gilbride offers over-the-counter medicines to help, and reminds everyone to take preventive measures.

“Use your best hygiene with your hands and with your face, trying to keep them away from each other as best as possible. Then the other thing is vaccination, get this done beforehand,” said Gilbride.

If you are trying to get a COVID, Flu or RSV vaccine, contact your local pharmacy.

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