Man charged with killing Westerville officers was involved in several domestic disputes in Euclid

Posted at 8:19 PM, Feb 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-13 20:19:22-05

A stack of police reports from the Euclid Police department detail Quentin Smith's past, plagued with domestic disputes and multiple run-ins with the law. Tragically, the last call to 911 involving Smith would leave two Westerville officer's dead.

Prior to that fatal Saturday afternoon in Westerville, Smith was at the center of several domestic disputes in Euclid. According to reports, Smith was armed in almost every situation.

Police: 2 officers killed while responding to 911 call near Columbus; suspect in custody

Officer killed while responding to 911 call in Westerville was from Massillon

In 2008, Smith was arrested for allegedly putting a loaded gun to his ex-wife's head. In the report, Smith's then-wife told police that he accused her of cheating and threatened to kill her. A no-contact order was issued, and Smith was sentenced to prison.

While in prison, Smith wrote an apology letter to the judge. He wrote that he had "matured greatly." Smith's mother also wrote the judge a letter, saying her son had "matured a great deal" in those 2 years.

Police had previously gone to Ohio home where officers were killed

The year before he was sentenced, Smith's mother had her own domestic dispute with her son. According to a police report, Smith took her car without permission after allegedly pointing a BB gun at a man and stabbing him. Those charges were later dropped. 

Due to Smith's felony conviction, he was prohibited from buying any firearms. Authorities say he cut a deal with a friend, Gerald Lawson, to buy him the gun he used to kill the two officers.

Lawson is also facing charges in this case. He has been charged with aiding and abetting a firearm to Smith, the shooting suspect and a convicted felon.