NFL tells players to mask up when not in the game

NFL tells players to mask up when not in the game
Posted at 11:18 PM, Nov 23, 2020

As the NFL continues to operate surrounded by an inferno of coronavirus cases throughout the US, the league told players to wear face coverings when not actively in the game, ESPN reported on Monday.

The new requirements go into effect starting with Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day slate of games.

According to ESPN’s report, the NFL is requiring masks to be worn unless a player has their helmet on and is in and or about to enter the game.

The league is also telling coaches that face shields alone are no longer adequate, and face coverings or double-layer gaiters must be worn during games.

The NFL is limiting the number of players on the travel roster to 62. The league is reducing the number of members of the media who can cover team practices.

The NFL releases weekly figures of COVID-19 cases. The league tested a total of 7,856 tests to players and staff. Last week, there were 17 new COVID-19 cases reported among players, and 35 among coaches and staff. Since training camp in August, 95 players and 175 staffers have tested positive for the virus.

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