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Green Bay Packers player says that's sweat, not urine on his pants in viral photo from game

Mike Daniels was a hot topic on social media
Posted at 3:13 PM, Nov 20, 2017

GREEN BAY (WTMJ) --After being shutout at home for the first time since 2006, turning the ball over five times and watching Kenny Clark, Clay Matthews and Damarious Randall leave the game due to injury, it was a rough day to be a Green Bay Packers player. 

Defensive end Mike Daniels might have had it worst, however, after some very unflattering photos went viral on Twitter.

Late in the fourth quarter, photos of Daniels allegedly with urine on his pants starting appearing all over the social network.

Maybe Daniels who, along with the rest of the Packers defense, spent nine of the final 15 minutes of the game on the field due to the Packers inept, turnover prone offense, could not find time for a bathroom break. 

Or, it could be something much more innocent: sweat.

Daniels himself tried to set the record straight after the game, telling ESPN Wisconsin's Jason Wilde that he did not soil himself:

Regardless, both Daniels and the Packers will need to clean themselves up in a hurry if they want to be ready for a Sunday night matchup against the 8-2 Pittsburgh Steelers next week.