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North Korea confirms new tests on spy satellite

South Korea Koreas Tensions
Posted at 8:35 AM, Mar 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-06 08:35:22-05

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea says it has carried out data transmission and other key tests needed to develop a spy satellite.

Experts say the moves indicate the country intends to conduct a prohibited long-range rocket launch soon.

It could be an attempt to add new weapons to its arsenal and pressure the United States into making concessions amid stalled talks.

North Korea's state media didn’t mention any missile or rocket launches but referred to the North’s ninth missile test this year on Saturday.

It’s unclear if North Korea has developed a sufficiently capable camera to be installed on a spy satellite.

The satellite photos it released last Monday didn’t include high-resolution imagery.

Launches are still believed to have contributed to North Korea’s missile development program.