Nebraska state troopers getting into trucks to crack down on bad driving near semis

Posted at 6:23 PM, Mar 17, 2017

State troopers in Nebraska are conducting a new way to monitor bad drivers.

The Nebraska State Patrol and Nebraska Trucking Association have started a program called "Trooper in a Truck." A sergeant rides with a semi driver and identify drivers who are following too closely to the truck, or making unsafe lane changes among other things.

They then signal a marked cruiser to stop the driver. 

"The majority of crashes that involve large trucks involve moving violations that occur in and around trucks, so it's very important that we get out here and get our safety message spread around,” said NSP Lt. Kurt Von Minden.

NSP wrote dozens of citations and warnings during the program last week, some of which involved finding drivers with suspended licenses or without insurance.

NSP says the trucking company donated its time, rig and gas to help with the program last week. They hope to do this type of enforcement every few weeks, officials said.