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Pope Francis calls for ‘humble’ Christmas, to give to Ukraine

Vatican Pope
Posted at 3:02 PM, Dec 14, 2022

In the days leading up to Christmas, Pope Francis had a message to those celebrating Christmas: Be humble and don’t forget about Ukraine.

“Let’s renew our closeness to the battered people of #Ukraine, persevering in fervent #prayer for our brothers and sisters who are suffering so much. Let us celebrate #Christmas in a humbler way, with simpler gifts, and let us send what we save to the Ukrainian people who need it,” Pope Francis wrote on Twitter.

According to Vatican News, Francis called on everyone to "renew our closeness to the battered Ukrainian people"

Francis has repeatedly expressed his support for Ukraine and opposition to Russia’s invasion.

“Sadly, at this moment Europe, and especially families in Europe, are undergoing tragic and dramatic experiences as a result of the war in Ukraine,” Pope Francissaid earlier this year. “Mothers and fathers, regardless of their nationality, do not want war. The family is the school of peace. Indeed, families and family networks have been and continue to be at the forefront of welcoming refugees, particularly in Lithuania, Poland and Hungary.”

The Pope has expressed a desire to visit Ukraine but wants to go at “the right time.”