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18-year-old Ukrainian watched mother die after Russians shelled their home, UNICEF shares story

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Posted at 8:32 PM, May 23, 2022

UNICEF has shared an emotional video where an 18-year-old from Ukraine describes the unimaginable moment when Russians shelled his family's home and killed his mother.

The young man, only identified as "Viacheslav" in the video, tells the camera "Mom was killed. She died in my hands" he said.

The family, who are from the Donetsk region of Ukraine, had their family home hit after two shells, from Russian troops, fell near them. Viacheslav said the shells fell very close to their home. He said when the blast happened he closed his eyes, but when he reopened them, he saw his mother wounded by the attack.

Viacheslav said his mother didn't die without leaving some last, but simple and reassuring words for her children. He said his mother told him "I am alright."

Viacheslav says he will now care for his two younger sisters and his two younger brothers. The siblings have now found a safer place to live in western Ukraine.

Watch the full interview here: