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Who works the most on National Leave the Office Early Day?

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Posted at 11:12 AM, Jun 02, 2022

It’s National Leave the Office Early Day, and for many, an eight-hour workday is a myth. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, those without college degrees tend to work more hours daily.

According to federal data, the average working person with a bachelor’s degree works 7.82 hours a day Monday-Friday, compared to 8.18 hours a day for those with a high school diploma and no college experience.

Those employed without college experience are also likely to work more on weekends. Employed high school graduates without college experience worked an average of 6.12 hours a day on weekends compared to 4.04 hours a day for those with bachelor’s degrees.

Federal data shows that all workers with full-time jobs work about 8.43 hours a day on weekdays.

Federal data has also shown an increase in hours worked. Hours worked increased by 4.8 in the first quarter of 2022 compared to 2021. The first quarter of 2022 marked the first time hours worked were above pre-pandemic levels.