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Wisconsin father asking for help finding son's bear

Posted at 9:30 PM, Oct 25, 2019

A Madison father needs help finding the only thing his son ever held, a little teddy bear. Patrick Kempfer lost his son to an infection stemming from underdeveloped lungs at the beginning of the year.


"This little bear is the only thing of mine that Journey held. If anyone happens to see it, please retrieve it and/ or contact me immediately," said Kempfer in an interview with = WISC-TV.

After his son died, he placed the bear in a bag and left it with a friend. That friend passed away unexpectedly a few weeks later. When his friend's parents came to pack up his apartment, they had taken most of his belongings to St. Vincent De Paul, a thrift store in Madison.

"The ironic thing was that I left the bag with the bear in it at his place so I wouldn't end up losing it," he said.

If you come across the bear, you can contact Kempfer by emailing him at