New Cleveland street repair plan out soon

Posted at 8:35 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 20:35:18-04

NewsChannel 5 Investigators have uncovered that a new 2016 master plan for Cleveland street repairs and pothole filling will be coming out next week. We checked on some problem spots today to see how some of last year’s plan worked out.

“Man, it feels terrible. If you don’t slow down, your whole car will fall apart,” said Ivan Rosa. He’s tired of potholes on West 53rd Street tearing up his vehicles. “The ball joint came out. The rim bent,” explained Rosa.

The city’s new plan will be revealed on a similar website that it established last year that showed what streets will see repairs and when. It’s a site you can access to see their reported progress.

Drivers pointed out, though, some areas have been overlooked or not repaired well. Western and West 100th last year had too many potholes to count. We checked today and the patchwork now feels more like speed bumps and rumble strips. “For the last 10 years, it’s always been Baha central,” said frustrated driver Shawn Moldovan.  “It’s like jumping over mini-mountains. You can’t come over like 15 mph without slowing down. If you don’t want to destroy your parts on your car, you gotta slow down," he warned.

Another interesting area is West 117th Street and Triskett Road. We showed you last year how Triskett was repaired to a certain point, but where it stopped near the intersection there were lots of potholes. This year the intersection as been repaired, but on the other side of West 117th, the same issue is popping up. Where the repair stops, the rough road on Triskett picks up again.

Drivers are hoping the 2016 plan is much improved. “You gotta get ‘em repaired and sealed the first time and the patchwork…it’s just been patched over too many times,” said Moldovan.

“Year after year, they have to do better work,” said Rosa.