How to save beyond tax-free weekend

Posted at 6:52 PM, Jul 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-31 18:52:42-04

ELYRIA, Ohio — Calling all shoppers!

Ohio’s sales tax holiday starts Friday, August 2, which means you can stock up on some clothing and school supplies the entire weekend tax free, but there are other ways to save beyond the holiday.

“I feel like I live, breathe, and dream in coupons now,” Rachel Krych said.

Inspired by the lessons learned in a couponing class, Krych now uses her skills to provide for her family.

“Our grocery bill tends to be for a family of five, about $50 to $60 a week,” Krych said.

She also helps others achieve the same kinds of savings through her blog, Couponing with Rachel.

But even though she never shies away from a good deal, you probably won’t catch her out during this year’s sales tax holiday when some clothing and school supplies will be tax free.

“Most of my school shopping is already completed. I got $5 lunch boxes at LL Bean already. And I have their book bags. I got deals at Staples earlier in July.”

Krych says people can add onto their savings during tax free weekend by shopping with a plan and using coupons.

“And then you can just start saving in, around and even after tax free weekend.”

For people who are new to couponing, the process can seem intimidating, but Krych says its easy to start.

Just get a coupon binders, grab your Sunday circulars, start clipping away, and head to the store.

Or there’s an even easier way.

“What's nice about my blog is I do all the work for you. So I find the deals in the store, I type them up. And I'll even give you the links to them,” Krych said.

Between sales and coupons, Krych says families can save up to 70% or more on clothing or household items.

And here are some more tips: shop wherever the sal* is, not always your favorite store, forget about loyalty when it comes to brands, and call companies that make products you really like because they might just send you more coupons.