Bernie Sanders campaigns for Clinton at University of Akron and Kent State

Posted at 2:03 PM, Sep 17, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders campaigned in Northeast Ohio on Friday to help build support for Hillary Clinton in Ohio. 

The independent senator from Vermont spoke at the University of Akron and at Kent State University in two morning rallies. 

Sanders was to speak on Clinton's "New College Compact" plan, which would allow 150,000 Ohio students to attend a four-year college and pay no tuition, according to a report from the campaign. Among the senator's scheduled speaking points were Clinton's plans to reform the immigration system, raise the minimum wage and protect access to health care. 

At the University of Akron, Sanders was scheduled to speak at the Goodrich Lobby at 10 a.m.. At Kent State, he spoke at the university's Recreation Center at 11:30 a.m.

Senator Sanders ran an opposition campaign against Clinton in the Democratic primaries, but ceded to her after failing to secure the party's nomination. The self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist endorsed Clinton in July