Water shortages, long concession lines at DNC in Philadelphia

Posted at 12:23 PM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-27 12:39:06-04

"Cleveland looks great by comparison." That's what ABC News Political Director Rick Klein told about the difference between the conventions in our city and Philadelphia this year.

Overgrown weeds, water shortages, long concession lines and garbage surrounding the convention center are making guests wonder whether Philadelphia was unprepared for the wave of visitors for the Democratic National Convention. 

The convention staff added hydration stations to help assuage some of the issues, but there was another problem—they ran out of water. One Ohio delegate told's John Kosich he had to wait 40 minutes to get a bag of M&M's from a concession stand. 

"I said 'tonight when I get in the arena, I'm taking my personal stock with me,'" said Kenn Johnson.

Attendees said conditions in Philadelphia have been challenging for delegates, media and protesters.

Alternatively, Cleveland has been praised by national media for its efforts to quell unrest and adequately provide for visitors in the city for the Republican National Convention. 

"I think Philadelphia has a lot more challenges," said Klein. "I get the sense they're used to big events a little more in Cleveland, and therefore Cleveland had prepared better to welcome everyone to town. I really think Cleveland hit a home run."