Sexual favors in exchange for a place to stay at RNC, people post online

Police are monitoring
Posted at 7:40 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 19:40:35-04
With most of the Cleveland-area hotels booked next week, the few openings going for sky high prices, some people are going to great lengths to secure a last minute room in Cleveland for the RNC; trading sexual favors for a place to crash. 
Some of the posts we found titled "Looking for a fling and a place to stay for RNC" or "Please host me during the RNC." 
"It could be that they really want a place to stay, it also could be something totally illegal and we don't want it in our city," the CEO of Cleveland's Rape Crisis Center, Sondra Miller, told NewsChannel 5.
Some of the Craigslist posts seem harmless- offering up services as an RNC tour guide or "partner in crime."
Others say they're desperately seeking an affordable place to stay. They include photos, claim to have work opportunities at the convention, and offer everything from massages to nightly dates or a physical relationship. 
Sondra Miller said they have seen posts like this before and they heighten awareness for sex trafficking. 
"We often hear this called couch surfing, where they exchange sex for a place to sleep at night. We also hear it referred to as survival sex and we know that will happen next week whether there is a convention here or not," she said.
But are online posts like these legal? NewsChannel 5 asked Cleveland Police.
Sgt. Ciaccia said they keep a close eye on it.
If a post directly mentions sex in exchange for anything, it's illegal and considered prostitution. 
She added that with the RNC in town next week, there's overall heightened security and awareness. 
NewsChannel 5 reached out to some of the people who've posted ads- none of them returned requests for comment. 
To report anything suspicious you see during the RNC, call this number. It was set up by Cleveland Police and will be staffed 24/7.  1-800-225-5324