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An Ohio police department clears up rumor in viral post: 'There are laws when drinking White Claws'

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Posted at 11:33 AM, Aug 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-28 11:33:21-04

NORWOOD, Ohio — In a Facebook post that’s going viral, an Ohio police department is warning its residents not about a recent crime or a criminal on the loose, but rather to clear up a rumor bubbling up on the internet about how there are no laws when drinking White Claws.

Aside from the phrase having a catchy ring to it, the Norwood Police Department, located in the Greater Cincinnati area, actually had to warn its younger citizens, specifically the “younger female citizens” that "there are in fact laws, when you're drinking claws."

Norwood police say citizens drinking White Claws and breaking the laws will be held to the same standard and arrested for the same charges as with any other alcohol-related crime.

Within an hour of posting, the post received more than 600 shares and likes.

The rumor could be attributed to a phrase in a song, “ain’t no laws when drinking Claws,” which was a line in an unofficial theme song of the drink created by local musicians, Akron singer-songwriter Mark Leach and Nate Monea from the Canton band Hey Monea.

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The gender-specific undertones in the Norwood police post are sparking reactions among people.

"I guess maybe there could be some males that need to be advised also but, we just can't really wrap our head around that possibility," the post reads.

One comment reads “Awfully sexist and ageist.” Another calls it “a pretty pathetic post.”

The Norwood Police Department isn't the only police department using their influence to clear up a rumor about the popular hard seltzers.

Bath Township police in Michigan posted a similar warning to its citizens, "there ARE still laws when you're drinking Claws."