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These creative but also downright inappropriate license plates were rejected by Ohio this year

Posted at 2:10 PM, Feb 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-26 14:38:00-05

CLEVELAND — Every year Ohioans hope to rock a personalized name on their license plate. Some get approved, but hundreds of others are rejected.

Once again, it seems Ohio drivers try to push the limits on names for their license plates. Most of the names are rejected for obvious reasons.

Some names on the rejected list were aggressive to say the least. Since Jan. 1, more than 50 plates have been rejected by the state of Ohio, according to information obtained by the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

"F THE IRS" seems like someone was salty for not getting the tax refund they hoped for.

"F U BILY " is bullying poor Billy. To the person who submitted this as a possible name, what did Billy ever do to you?

This rejected plate didn't get too far: "NO FN GAS."

Another rejected name to point out is "ZEN AF." Are we not all striving for that Zen State of Mind?

"REDRUM I" must have been from a fan of Stephen King or Stanley Kubrick - we hope.

Any fans of the 80s sitcom ALF? Maybe that alien's dietary preferences inspired "EATACAT."

And we wouldn't want to be accused of being part of the Deep State by not including "QANON 45" on the list.

Many of the rejected plates on the list are too explicit to write. Seriously, you've been warned.

Find the full list below:

2019 Denied Plates on Scribd

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