Stockdale family announces memorial service for Kathy and James Stockdale

Posted at 9:20 PM, Jun 19, 2017

A memorial service for Kathy and James Stockdale will take place Saturday at 1 p.m. at the New Pointe Community Church in Dover.

James William Stockdale, 21, and Kathryn "Kathy" Barbara Stockdale, 54, were found dead in their home Thursday afternoon. James is a member of The Stockdale Family Band. Authorities say they were killed by 25-year-old Jacob Timothy Stockdale, who is in critical condition after trying to shoot himself.

Jacob Stockdale's medical condition is still listed as critical but his prognosis is optimistic for recovery, according to a statement by the family.

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Calvin Stockdale released the following statement on Monday about his younger brother.

"I don't know why Jacob did what he did last week, but I do know he is my brother; I speak for our family when I say we love him and forgive him. The prayers and support for my family have been deeply appreciated and we ask for continued prayers for Jacob’s healing - body, mind, and spirit."

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The Stockdale family are members of the Zion Reformed Church. The church set up a GoFund Me page to help with funeral expenses and Jacob's medical expenses.