UPDATE: Two fire hydrants replaced on same street after Cleveland house fire

Posted at 7:33 PM, Aug 07, 2017

The City of Cleveland investigated fire hydrants after firefighters were delayed while fighting a blaze last week due to a dead fire hydrant.

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The city found two hydrants were not working on that same street, Joan Avenue, in Cleveland.

Neighbors on Joan Avenue say they were very concerned about the malfunctioning fire hydrants on their street.

The Cleveland Department of Water crews were out Monday working on the two hydrants.

The Cleveland Fire Department is responsible for inspecting all of the fire hydrants in the city. 

According to a city spokesperson, the Cleveland Fire Department inspects them twice a year. City Spokesperson Dan Williams sent us this statement:

"The Cleveland Division of Fire inspects 100% of the fire hydrants for the City of Cleveland in the Spring and in the Fall. This past weekend, all fire hydrants on Joan Avenue were inspected."

If the fire department finds any issues during inspections, they are reported to the Cleveland Water Department. The water department is then in charge of fixing any non-working hydrants.

News 5 also reached out to the Cleveland Water Department. Spokesperson John Goersmeyer sent us this statement:

"[Before last week's fire] Since 2007, we have had nine hydrant work orders on Joan Avenue. The most recent work order was created on November 13, 2013 and closed in December of that year."

"Once we were made aware of the issue with the hydrant on Joan Avenue, we sent an investigator and the replacement was completed on Friday, August 4th. As a part of our normal replacement process, we flush other hydrants in the area to ensure water quality. During this routine flushing, we identified another hydrant that needed to be replaced."

The water department responded to more than 500 calls for maintenance work on fire hydrants throughout the city of Cleveland over the last two years.

If you live in the city of Cleveland and a fire hydrant is broken, you’re asked to call the Cleveland Water Department.