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100-year-old building transformed into event, social space in Cleveland's Gordon Square neighborhood

Posted at 9:55 AM, Sep 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-24 17:57:30-04

CLEVELAND — Couples looking to tie the knot or companies searching for an event space now have a new option on Cleveland's West Side.

Gordon Green, located on Detroit Avenue in Gordon Square, just opened for business after months of preparation. The trio of owners renovated a 20,000-square-foot building turning the 100-year-old structure into a modern place to be completed with an outdoor courtyard.

"So many of the West Side venues are heavy industrial spaces," said co-owner Jacob Holland. "I think our clientele and the generations that we're seeing getting married right now want something a little sleeker a little more minimalist. It's not as much about the flash as it is about the natural beauty of the space."

Holland, who grew up on Cleveland's West Side, said when he and the other owners were looking for a home for their business, Gordon Square just made sense.

He called it an up-and-coming neighborhood where people shop, dine and live. But it was missing one thing— a contemporary space for events.

"This location in particular highlights a meld of creativity, rebirth for a neighborhood and has sort of become a flagship here in Gordon Square to say gather here, this is a communal space and celebrate those big moments with us," Holland said. "Looking around at all of the amazing businesses that surround this specific building really highlights well the Cleveland spirit."

Holland said he hopes their business can further strengthen the foundation in Gordon Square.

"The true spirit of entrepreneurship is here and alive in Gordon Square," he said.

The owners are planning for Gordon Green to become more than just a social space. Holland said they would like to rent the bottom level of the building out for office space and eventually turn the kitchen space into a daily cafe.

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