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EDWINS restaurant owner says safety precautions won't hinder your indoor dining experience

Posted at 8:53 AM, May 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-21 08:53:28-04

CLEVELAND — Ohio restaurant owners are preparing for something that hasn’t happened in two months, customers sitting down to eat inside their business.

But there’s a lot of safety standards they’ll have to meet when they reopen.

There will be social distancing, employees will be wearing masks, hand sanitizer stations, disposable silverware, some business will have barriers in-between tables and tape on the floor.

Brandon Chrostowski, the founder of EDWINS in Cleveland, said just because things are different, doesn’t mean your experience won’t be enjoyable.

“To have the dining room open, there’s a certain energy that comes with dining rooms a certain sense of hospitality, warmth and touch, so we are really excited for tonight to just be ourselves again,” said Chrostowski.

Chrostowski said that despite the initial shock of closing dining down, they quickly pivoted and found a business plan that worked for them.

“We are creative. We are crafty,” he said. “When we opened up with the new order, what we did was started grilling out front, you know? Just put on a chef coat and started grilling rib-eyes and steaks and burger, ran a very aggressive menu, 4 for 40, 4 meals for $40.”

He said that deal is something they’ll continue now, as sales are up for them.

Chrostowski said whether Edwins is your favorite restaurant or not, it’s important to support restaurants in any way you can.

“There’s going to be no safer time to go out to eat in than right now. In a few weeks or months, these sort of requirements may start to diminish, so if you’re fearful, if you’re uncomfortable, if you’re feeling like you’re not yourself, go support your favorite restaurant,” he said. “Restaurants need you right now.”