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Euclid residents create 'Treats to the Rescue,' making all-natural treats for four-legged companions

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Posted at 1:18 PM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 13:18:56-05

EUCLID, Ohio — While some businesses are struggling during the pandemic, a new one has gone to the dogs—literally.

Sam Briscar and Josie Tulevski from Euclid created “Treats to the Rescue” back in December after they were laid off due to the pandemic.

"And it mostly was just like an activity and to get our dogs to eat more healthy things while we're all stuck at home," said Briscar.

Briscar has owned and worked with dogs for about a decade, while her fiancée Tulevski was more of a cat person, growing up with only cats.

Their handcrafted dog treats are made-to-order in their kitchen.

The treats burst with a variety of flavors, including dragon fruit, pumpkin banana and cinnamon apple granola.

Courtesy of "Treats to the Rescue" Facebook.

"We feel more safe knowing what goes in the dog food and everything's human grade. So we've had it before. So and I've worked with vets that know like. What's good for dogs and what's bad, so we just kind of wanted to steer our dogs away from the unhealthy stuff, we wanted to keep it so that our bodies, we like to eat that stuff. So why not have our dogs do it, too," said Briscar.

Briscar and Tulevski take pride in knowing that their treats are all-natural and healthy for their four-legged friends.

"We don't want to give them things that have a bunch of ingredients. So we decided that we want to make our own treats. And when the pandemic hit, that was like the perfect timing to work on our business more," said Tulevski.

"Treats to the Rescue" products can be ordered on its website and The Lake Shore Coffee House in Euclid.

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