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Lakewood woman makes list of small businesses to promote shopping small during the holidays

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Posted at 6:36 PM, Nov 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-23 19:14:58-05

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — The pandemic has been rough for many small businesses.

"Just like our sign says, small business, big heart,” said Tim Comerford, who works in sales and social media at the Spin Bike Shop in Lakewood.

Comerford says Spin Bike Shop is charging forward because of reliable customers.

"When you buy something from a small business, you are getting all the expertise, all the knowledge, all the drive behind that,” said Comerford.

The importance of shopping small isn’t missed on Anne-Marie Crawmer.

"Shopping small is so good for your community and these businesses really, really deserve it,” said Crawmer.

Crawmer is home from college because of COVID restrictions, and while she’s here, she’s giving back to local shops around Lakewood.

The importance of shopping small isn’t missed on Anne-Marie Crawmer.

"Making a resource like this felt like a little bit of a way to kind of capture some of that holiday spirit and atmosphere that might be a little bit lacking this year,” she said.

Crawner hand-made a list and shared it on social media with the names of dozens of local businesses. It encourages folks to shop at local Lakewood businesses this holiday season.

She broke the shops up into categories, showcasing Lakewood has nearly everything you need.

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Anne-Marie Crawner's list of local Lakewood businesses.

"With COVID and everything, small businesses definitely need all the help they can get,” she said.

This isn’t her first kind deed for Lakewood stores.

Over the summer, Crawner raised $2,000 with one-of-a-kind prints and gave all the money to local shops.

It’s the kind of enthusiasm Comerford says is so helpful in keeping businesses afloat during unprecedented times.

"I love it, love it, love it,” he said.