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Mahall's in Lakewood asks for help surviving COVID-19 pandemic

Business turns to Kickstarter campaign for help
Mahall's, Lakewood
Mahall's Lakewood
Posted at 6:10 PM, Aug 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-28 19:12:02-04

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — Mahall’s in Lakewood has survived nearly 100 years, now it’s hoping it can survive for a few months until more help comes.

The bowling alley opened in 1924, and it has expanded to include live music. The bands are so popular, they now makes up 60% of the business.

With social distancing rules in place due to the pandemic, Mahall’s has to limit the number of people inside its 20,000 square foot business. The owners say in some cases, only a few dozen people are allowed. That means the business can’t afford to pay the bands or the staff.

Mahall’s has survived this once already this year. It was able to get a loan through the Payroll Protection Program. It used those funds to pay employees to help renovate the building.

Now, the owners are trying something different. They’ve begun a Kickstarter campaign, hoping the people who love their venue will help keep it running. The hope is the money will help Mahall’s survive until either Save Our Stage funding comes through or social distancing rules relax.