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Rocky River's Gourmet Guy Cafe starts meal donation program for healthcare workers, first responders

Posted at 6:20 AM, Apr 08, 2020

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio — Healthcare workers and first responders are putting in long hours on the job while fighting the spread of the coronavirus, and now you can donate a meal to one of those workers.

Gourmet Guy Cafe, located on Lake Road in Rocky River, launched a fresh meal donation program to help feed community members on the front lines and anyone who may be impacted by the virus.

The cafe's owner, Matt Barnes, said the idea for the program was inspired from the Rocky River Community.

"A couple of weeks ago we did an event between Lake Road Market and Danny Boy's Pizza," Barnes said. "We donated meals to anyone in the city that was in need or anyone in the food industry."

During the 'Neighbors Helping Neighbors' meal event, nearly 900 meals were given out.

But, Barnes said, it was then when he received several questions about how people could donate meals to someone in need, first responders or a healthcare worker.

Barnes knew he had to do something to give back.

"Blew us away that people wanted to donate at that time and so we just said let's try to keep it going," he said."

The cafe set up a three-tiered donation program on their website and he said it took off.

"People began to donate as soon as the page went up," he said. "And they continue to donate and so we're going to continue to give."

Customers can choose three options for the meal donation: $10 for a healthcare worker or first responder, $25 for a family of four and $50 for dinner for eight at a hospital or the Red Cross.

"It's been a real rally of everyone coming together to help anyone that's needed," Barnes said.

You can donate a meal by following this link.

Gourmet Guy Cafe is open Tuesday-Saturday from 4-7 p.m.