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Ski resorts across Northeast Ohio implement health, safety changes ahead of new season

Posted at 9:01 AM, Nov 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-12 20:05:06-05

PENINSULA, Ohio — Winter weather hasn't arrived in Northeast Ohio just yet, but it's just around the corner and that means skiers and snowboarders will be flocking to area ski resorts.

Boston Mills and Brandywine Ski Resorts are nestled in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Both attractions bring in thousands of guests each year. But, before anyone hits the powder this year, the two resorts are implementing new health and safety protocols.

"During a year with so much uncertainty, the one thing that is certain is winter. So we're excited for it to come and ready to embrace winter and have some fun," said Thomas Conti, the brand marketing director. "We really looked at the whole resort experience and re-imagined to make sure that our guests safety and health is the top priority for this season."

Beginning Saturday, Dec. 19 Boston Mills and Brandywine will open for the season under a reduced capacity where guests will use the new online reservation system to plan their visit. Pass holders will have priority access for reservations, however day pass visitors will also schedule their trip online.

"Making sure we have a safe and healthy amount of people at the resort, where it's not overly crowded because that's a main concern of ours," Conti said. "

Food options inside the lodges will also be grab-and-go style to reduce long periods of time spent inside while on site. The company is also monitoring the chairlifts. Guests will be allowed to only ride with those in their party.

Conti said the pandemic is causing the company to shift its focus to ensure a safe experience.

"We're focusing on skiing," he said. "Before it's kind of been like an experience at the resort, and what can you do while you're at the resort. This year we're look to have fun on the slopes. Really this year the focus is on the experience on the slopes specifically."

Plus, anyone who purchases an Epic Pass will automatically receive Epic Coverage.

"Which protects your pass against job loss, illness, injury or resort closures due to COVID," Conti said. "We want to make sure our guests have that peace of mind going into the season that yes, they can have fun on the slopes, but if something does change we have their backs and will make that we protecting them with the Epic Coverage."

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