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We’re Open: Animal Hospital of Fairview Park offering free pet food pantry

Posted at 7:04 AM, Apr 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-21 19:17:53-04

FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio — The Animal Hospital of Fairview Park has been a staple in the Fairview Park community for more than two decades. It’s mission has always been to help animals, big or small.

Now, pet owners don’t even have to go inside to get the help their pets may need.

Right outside the hospital on 4480 West 220th Street, you’ll find a free pet food pantry.

“With so many people being our of work right now we wanted to do something small to try to help folks,” said Dr. Beth Malinich of the animal hospital.

Inside the box is food for dogs, cats, birds, etc.

It’s donation based and Dr. Malinich said they’ve seen so much community support work to keep the pantry full.

It’s a basic concept: take what you need and share when you can. But officials at the hospital hope it helps pets and their owners in a big way.

“We will take anything that anyone wants to bring in for people’s pets. We just want to make sure that no one goes hungry.”

Dr. Malinich said the hospital will have the pantry out as long as the need is there. If you’d like to donate, just put an unopened box, bag, or can of food in the pantry.

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