Cavs fans travel across country for parade, Cleveland hotels sell out

Thousands expected downtown
Posted at 5:30 PM, Jun 21, 2016

Cavs fans, across the country, are traveling to Cleveland to take part in the NBA Championship celebration parade Wednesday. 

Thousands of people expected for a parade, many told NewsChannel 5, they've waited a long time for it. 

"We've waited our whole lives for something like this to happen," Shannon Zielinski said. 

"It's gonna be madness! It's going to be amazing though," Dori Maxam said. 

It's not just Cavs fans in Cleveland, or even Ohio, excited for the parade. Fans are flying in from all over the country.

Scott Maxam and his wife flew in from Phoenix, Arizona.

"I've waiting my whole life to go to a party like this," Maxam said.

It took them 12 hours to get to Cleveland- on the only flight with open seats. 

Maxam said it was just  as tough to find an open hotel too. He started planning his trip right after the big win, half an hour later, he said he was lucky to find a room.

"The prices almost tripled," he said. 

NewsChannel 5 searched- pretty much downtown hotel sold out by Tuesday afternoon, including the Clifford House Bed and Breakfast in Ohio City.

"My phones been ringing off the hook since the Cavs won," owner James Miner said. 

Many who called for the parade, had stayed in his B&B for past games. 

"They called up and said I'm coming back for the parade, can I have my same room? Sorry! Booked up," he said. 

Out of towners and locals alike are ready to celebrate the World Champ Cavaliers, a title that means so much to all Cleveland fans.