Tyronn Lue ahead of Game 5: 'We've got to come out and play and take the game'

Posted at 7:58 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-13 19:58:19-04

Q. Ty, are you going to reveal if you're moving Kevin [Love] back in the starting lineup tonight?
COACH LUE: You say you want me to reveal it?
Q. Are you going to give us your starting lineup?
COACH LUE: No, sir.
Q. Are there any changes?
COACH LUE: I don't know (laughing). I don't know.

Q. Coach, you ran a lot of elbow sets in Game 3, which makes sense. You've got the horizontal movement, vertical, diagonal, all the ways to cut. In Game 4 we didn't see as much of that. Similarly you had a lot of back-cuts in Game 3. In Game 4 we didn't see a lot of that. If they're coming off the back-cuts from overplaying the threes and stop playing the threes you'd open up the threes. I was wondering what happened in Game 4 with what happened in Game 3, particularly those things, the elbow sets and the back-cuts that you didn't do in Game 4?
COACH LUE: You're so smart offensively, I love it. We have to be able to move the basketball, trust the offense, trust the pass and make the right play. We've got to be able to take advantage of our mismatches when we have those and make the right play if they come and double team; if not, we've got to score the basketball.

Q. Coach, the Warriors, from their standpoint, they seem mighty ticked at the fact that Draymond [Green] was suspended. It seems like there's a fire lit. Is that something that concerns you guys or something that you have to address with the team?
COACH LUE: No. I don't care about Golden State. I mean, we've got a fire lit too. We're down 3-1. So, I mean, that's the decision the league made, and it's unfortunate on a big stage like this, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're going to win the game. We've got to come out and play and take the game. With Draymond being out, it hurts them defensively, but we've still got to come and play. So that has no bearing on the game. We've got to be ready to play.