Browns quarterback Charlie Whitehurst says he's confident ahead of Sunday's game

Posted at 5:56 PM, Sep 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-22 20:33:04-04

Earlier this week, the Cleveland Browns announced that they signed veteran quarterback Charlie Whitehurst. Joining the team, Whitehurst seems confident not only in his own ability but also in his teammates. 

When asked about how much he could do if he was asked to play in this week's game against the Miami Dolphins, Whitehurst responded,"I hope, operate the offense. That is what my plan is. I feel confident that I can do that." 

He went on to say, "You go in there, obviously, you don’t have reps with these plays and these players. Kind of first and foremost is not make the critical mistake, but if you are called on to make a throw to win the game, I expect to do that.”

Read more from Whitehurst's press conference interview below: 

On his past 48 hours and getting a crash course in the Browns offense:

“Yeah, that is what we are doing. Luckily, some of the terms and stuff from my Indy experience last year has carried over. It is not a whole new offense. Obviously, a bunch of terms and a lot of thing to learn, new players to throw to and learn names and coaches and all that. It has been a little bit easier because of that.”

On his relationship with assistant head coach-offense Pep Hamilton and if that factored into why he is in Cleveland:

“I met Pep when I got here. I actually missed Pep last year. I think a lot of that carried over from Indianapolis is going to help me this week and in the future so maybe that had something to do with it.”

On if ever doubted that he would receive a call to play in the NFL this season:


“I kind of thought there was better than a 50-50 chance that I would be on a team at some point this year, but you never know. You just work hard, stay in shape and kind of occupy your time that way. I’m used to playing football. I started doing this, gosh, like ’93 I think. It is the first time I had been sitting at home in the fall with nothing to do so you go and you work out. That is what you do, and when the time comes, you are able to get through a practice, and if they need you to go into a game, go out there and compete and help win the game.”

On Kessler’s week of practice:


“He kind of operates not like a rookie. He really takes charge out there and seems like he has a really good grasp of the offense. I don’t know what kind of reps he has gotten thus far – I wasn’t here – but being the third guy, I think he has put in a week’s work that has given him a chance to perform on Sunday.”

On if he has ever played with any of the current Browns players before:

“I have never played with anybody in this locker room. When I got the call, you looked at the roster and the coaches, I have a little history with a handful of the coaches here, but players I have never. I had met some of the quarterbacks. I have met (QB) Josh (McCown), I have met (QB) Robert (Griffin III) playing against them, but I did not know anybody. That kind of makes me feel a little bit old, too, because I used to know everybody in the league (laughter). It has been a little bit different.”

On playing with guys he has never met before:


“It is kind of cool. You get to see, ‘Wow look at that guy! That guy is flashing some. That is pretty neat.’ I actually had someone say, ‘Hey how many years have you been in the league?’ Didn’t know who I was, one of the younger guys. I said ‘This is my 11th year,’ and they go ‘Oh my gosh!’ They don’t know who I am so I don’t know what to think of that (laughter).”

On playmakers on the Browns roster and Coleman’s injury:

“Yeah, that was unfortunate yesterday with (WR) Corey (Coleman), but there are some guys to throw it to, guys to hand it to. Up front, obviously, you have (OL) Joe Thomas there. He is an incredible force there, a Hall of Fame player. There is some talent. Everybody is young and learning how to play together, it seems like. I hope it will happen fast, and I think there are good things ahead for Cleveland.”

On spending much of his NFL career on the West Coast and now working his way back toward his roots:


“Back East, yeah. Yeah, exactly. I guess this is not the south anymore. I was in the south the last two years, but yeah, it is back east. I have been kind of all around. That is kind of when I introduced myself to the team in the meeting room, I was like ‘This is who I am and I have been everywhere.’ I’ve been all around. It has been kind of fun.”