Sister of Jason Kipnis speaks out on her family's World Series dream

Posted at 12:54 PM, Oct 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-28 12:56:38-04

Most athletes playing in the World Series are living a dream come true. The reality of it all is often surreal to not only the players but for their families as well.

“I grew up wanting to play in the World Series,” Jason Kipnis’ sister Amanda Kipnis told News 5’s Lauren Brill. “I don’t think you realize this life actually happens for some people and some people really do play in the World Series and oh my God it is my brother.”

Amanda watched her brother go through a challenging journey to reach this point.

“He was told he was too small. He was told he wasn’t good enough. He had to switch positions,” The former division softball player explained. “He wasn’t suppose to make it and he did.”

And it’s that resiliency and determination that makes Amanda so happy.

“The heart hustle awards he gets, the dirt bag nickname. I am so proud of him,” she said with a smile. He just amazes us at every level.”

Before Jason came to Cleveland, he, Amanda and the rest of their family did not cheer for the Tribe but now they are rallying together.

“He is a cubs fan,” Amanda revealed. “We loved them.  We all did. We grew up going to the games. We love them but we want them to go down. ”

While she still feels at times like she’s living a dream, as a relatively new Tribe fan, she has come to believe.

 “We are all go Tribe and I think he (Jason)  has the opportunity to do something that not many people can say they did.”