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How To Make Grapes Taste Just Like Sour Patch Kids

How To Make Grapes Taste Just Like Sour Patch Kids
Posted at 10:30 AM, Jun 12, 2020

While some of us have spent our extra time at home these past few months kicking off new fitness routines, cleaning the house from top to bottom and learning new skills, others (i.e. me), have instead spent all their time trying all of the new food trends on the internet.

Dalgona coffee? Tried it — and even added some booze because, well, why not? I also tried multiple cookie recipes, whipped up some boozy milkshakes and even made Queen Elizabeth’s pancakes (they’re amazing, by the way).

So naturally, when someone in a TikTok video claimed that putting lime juice on grapes makes them taste like Sour Patch Kids, I definitely had to try it.

Though we don’t know exactly where this idea originated, it appears the first video of this healthy hack came from TikTok user @mianicolewilson7. There are now several other videos from people who have since tried the idea, but here’s the first one we saw:

@mianicolewilson7Healthy Sour Patch Kids 😜 Skip too much processed sugar and save your skin ##fyp ##wellness ##healthy ##foodhacks ##candy ##beauty ##skincare♬ Like That – Doja Cat

As you can see in the video, it’s as simple as just cutting grapes in half and squeezing lime juice on them. That’s literally it. The grapes can be frozen or unfrozen and you can use fresh or bottled juice. You can also use green or red grapes, though green grapes are sourer and would likely work best for this experiment.

After seeing just how easy (and healthy!) it was, I decided to give it a try. And I was not disappointed.

I ended up trying the grapes both frozen and unfrozen, and with both fresh and bottled lime juice. The unfrozen grapes tasted the most like Sour Patch Kids. To say my mind was blown is an understatement. Just like the candy, they tasted sweet, then sour.

Kaitlin Gates

I think the unfrozen grapes worked best because they not only soaked up more lime juice but had a consistency closer to your average gummy candy. If you want more of a Jolly Rancher-type of candy, go with frozen, but know that it won’t be as sour.

Of course, the level of sourness will also depend upon how much lime juice you use, so if you really like sour, use more than you think you’ll need.

While this trick does make the grapes taste like Sour Patch Kids, they only taste like the green ones. There is, of course, no way to make grapes taste like their other flavors — lemon, orange, cherry and berry.


Does adding lime juice to a cherry, make the cherry taste like a red Sour Patch Kid? The jury’s still out on that one, but if you have some extra cherries at home, I say go for it! The worst that can happen is you end up with a cherry-lime crossover, which is a delicious combination anyway!

Have you tried any food hacks lately? Will you try this healthier version of Sour Patch Kids next time you’re craving something sour?

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