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Swedish Fish jelly beans deserve a spot in your Easter basket

Swedish Fish Jelly Beans Deserve A Spot In Your Easter Basket
Posted at 3:40 PM, Mar 31, 2021

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Swedish Fish jelly beans are here! Perfect for your Easter basket, these are Swedish Fish like you’ve never seen them before. They’re shaped like jelly beans instead of the traditional fish shape, but they taste just like the original “fish.” You can find these jelly beans at Target, Walmart or perhaps the seasonal aisle of your local grocery store.

Swedish Fish aren’t the only candy to get the jelly bean treatment lately. Bright and festive for Easter, Starburst now comes in jelly bean format, featuring flavors like strawberry, cherry, orange, green apple, grape and lemon.

Starburst jelly beans also come in a package of “FaveREDS” flavors, which offers all the red-hued flavors in one place (strawberry, watermelon and cherry), so you don’t have to pick through the bag to find your favorite red flavor.

For those with a sophisticated jelly beans palette, try Brach’s Easter Spiced Jelly Bird Eggs. These treats are probably not going to be a hit with the younger kids, but adult candy connoisseurs will love this grown-up twist on the traditional jelly bean.

With flavors like peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, spearmint, clove and licorice, these spiced jelly beans are richly colored and will look elegant in your Easter candy bowl.


Not a fan of strong spices? Try these Brach’s Milk Chocolate Jelly Bird Eggs instead.

The jelly beans at the center of these “eggs” come in flavors like cherry, raspberry and strawberry and are coated in a milk chocolate shell, making this the perfect combo of chewy candy and chocolatey goodness.


If you’re a black licorice devotee, you are going to love Jelly Belly‘s bag of just black licorice-flavored jelly beans. Best of all, licorice root has health benefits that experts say can fight bacteria and even ward off cancer (as long as you eat the candy in moderation).

Who knew Easter candy could be good for you? Happy spring!

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