Americans worried war is coming, poll reports

Posted at 11:48 AM, Feb 23, 2017

A new poll finds Americans on both sides of the aisle think the United States will be headed to war soon.

The survey shows a combined 66 percent of those questioned are very or somewhat worried that the United States will be in a major war within the next four years, according to NBC News.

That pessimistic attitude can likely be blamed, at least partially, on the non-stop political news cycle.

Dr. Stephanie Smith is a licensed psychologist and says news, politics and social media fatigue is a real thing which takes its toll.

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"Seeing protests, unhappiness and strife within the country is terribly stressful for everybody," she said.

Smith said people can stay informed and not overwhelmed by setting aside a certain amount of time per day to get caught up on the news, then check out and log out when that time is up.