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Trevor Noah Offers Tribute To Black Women In His Emotional Goodbye To ‘The Daily Show’

Trevor Noah Offers Tribute To Black Women In His Emotional Goodbye To ‘The Daily Show’
Posted at 2:00 PM, Dec 09, 2022

In an emotional farewell episode, Trevor Noah has closed out his seven-year run as host of “The Daily Show.” The Thursday, Dec. 9 episode of the Comedy Central program was Noah’s last, and he took some time to reflect on what the show has meant to him — and to give credit to the Black women who have taught him over the years.

After thanking audiences for following the show while he was host, Noah offered thanks to the women who raised him.

“This is random, for some,” he said. “But a special shout-out to Black women.”

“I’ve often been credited with having these grand ideas,” he said. “People are like, oh Trevor, you’re so smart. I’m like, who do you think teaches me? Who do you think has shaped me, nourished me and formed me? From my mom, my gran, my aunts, all these Black women in my life. But then in America as well.”

“I always tell people, if you truly want to know America, talk to Black women,” he continued.

After praising his mother and female family members, Noah named some of the Black women who appeared on his show over the years, who he says helped to educate him. He mentioned authors like Roxane Gay, the “New York Times” bestselling author and social commentator.

After watching Noah’s goodbye, Gay later took to Twitter. She shared how Noah really cared about using the right language when discussing her book “Hunger,” a book that chronicles Gay’s struggles with weight and self-worth as a fat Black woman in America:

Noah also mentioned Tressie McMillan Cottom, a professor and New York Times columnist who often appeared on “The Daily Show.” Cottom tweeted that she was crying as she watched his goodbye, and praised him for always amplifying Black women:

Noah closed his farewell episode by urging people to spend more time listening to Black women and learning from them.

“I’ll tell you now, do yourself a favor: If you truly want to know what to do or how to do it or maybe the best way or the most equitable way, talk to Black women,” Noah said. “They’re a lot of the reason that I’m here.”

The South African comedian took over as host of “The Daily Show” for Jon Stewart in 2015. His latest comedy special “I Wish You Would” which debuted on Netflix.

Comedy Central has not yet announced a new host for “The Daily Show.”

By Bridget Sharkey, for Newsy


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